About TCcigs – ‘Total Electronic Cigarettes Ltd.’

TC-BIgCig-cat-imageThe launch of ‘TCcigs’ is about taking the difficulty away from choosing an electronic cigarette. There are simply so many on the market and even when identical in appearance the quality and source is unknown. All the products offered here are complete, complimentary and adaptable. We do the research, so you don’t have to. Simply enjoy the simplicity as well as some of the best and technologically advanced products available.

The Total Electronic Cigarettes Ltd. trading company, incorporated 2009, is headquartered in Gibraltar. Its wholly-owned brand, Total Electronic Cigarettes (TC), represented one of the highest-performing line of electronic cigarettes available on the market although technology has changed and our comprehensive electronic cigarette product range is now focused around ‘one’ fantastic product: The TC BigCig apart from the one piece disposable TC light electronic cigarette.

The TC product line was designed around the needs of actual smokers. All TC products provide high levels of vapour production, come with a protective case, nicotine concentrations from very high through zero, and always fair and reasonable price-points. TC products all have ISO9001/2000, CE and RoHS certifications, and e-juice testing reports from the state-of-the-art facilities in Eastern Asia, where conditions and quality are monitored by regular physical inspections by TC personnel.

Total Electronic Cigarettes – An Established Brand With A Growing Customer Base

TC products have firmly established themselves in retail outlets throughout Gibraltar, including pharmacies, tobacconists, and the airport. Despite the local availability of low-priced duty free combustion-based cigarettes (£1.20 – £2.00), TC products have thousands of customers, outselling all other brands of electronic cigarettes due to their quality, performance and price. Total Electronic Cigarettes Ltd. is bringing its unique competencies to bear to ensure constant growth of the business/product line in order to bring the smarter alternative to smokers around the world. Read some of our satisfied customers’ TC electronic cigarette reviews.

TC is led by its Managing Director Mark Williams who holds a BSc (Eng) and an MBA from Reading University, UK and smoked traditional cigarettes heavily for over 15 years before switching to electronic cigarettes, giving him unique insight to the mindset of their products and customers.

Our Shop

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Our Kiosk is just inside the entrance of the ICC, at the beginning of Main Street, Gibraltar, near Casemates square.

Our Head Office is at 123 Main Street, Gibraltar, on the second floor.


Mission Statement: Promote and protect the interests of smokers that desire a smarter alternative, by acting as the Trusted Source for premium electronic cigarettes.