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TCcigs Electronic Cigarette Refill Flavours

75 SuperJuice and counting!

Come and visit us at our Kiosk in the ICC (Gib) for our full selection of flavours, as well as hundreds of special products and gadgets. Our Kiosk in Gibrlatar is our testing lab where we trial Electronic Cigarette products and flavours to see which ones deserve a special place on our website. Here are Continue Reading

Electronic Cigarettes Offer More Variety

Variety is the spice of life. Having the freedom to change your mind (and the variety that will allow you to do so) as often as you like can completely change your smoking experience. I never considered being able to have variety when it came to smoking. Then I found the electronic cigarette and my Continue Reading

The Freedom to Smoke Virtually Anywhere

Do you want the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere? Once upon a time it was possible. Now smoking has been banned in most public places. The few places that are left will more than likely be banned as well in the coming years. Why not switch to an alternative that will allow you to smoke Continue Reading

Crown Casino, Melbourne - TCcigs Electronic Cigarettes

13 years later, it was time to take on the Casio; a free night in Melbourne led me to the grand entrance of the Crown Casio with  the flame jets sparking almost like it was timed for my arrival. Impressive and inviting was the walk in with soothing music playing, flames jetting out of the Continue Reading

Vaping Days: The long flight

7 hours sleep, a taxi waiting and perhaps a slight hangover, a taxi awaits 7 floors down, in the center of Barcelona waiting for my cousin and I. Bags still packed, a change of socks and I am off, no coffee, partial vape and no breakfast. In Barcelona airport, we check our bags in, which Continue Reading

Vaping Days: Prologue

At TCcigs we use electronic cigarettes daily as a simple and enjoyable alternative to cigarettes. Having established this company back in 2009, it has been great to see the industry mature and the technology advance while also seeing a standard ‘format’ which allows multiple products to be combined and function well. Over the years as Continue Reading

The Electronic Cigarette Revolution

Power to the people! A few years ago most people had never heard of an electronic cigarette, or e-cig. Now they’re so ubiquitous that even your granny knows what they are. Electronic cigarette use is on the rise and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. And why should it? When ecigs first became available Continue Reading