Electronic Cigarettes – Menace or Saviour?

Electronic Cigarettes - Saviour Or Menace

Some people just can’t believe they are a Good Thing

Electronic cigarettes are misunderstood by many smokers, fueled by misconceptions and propaganda. Dismissed by puritans, who don’t understand substituting one addiction for another and barred by powerful who decide where, how and when people may use these new, strange-looking, vapour-producing pipes.

Personally, as a reformed heavy smoker (now vaper) of almost two decades, and having spent over three years in the electronic cigarette industry, I know they are changing lives for the better. I know I have not smoked over 20,000 cigarettes since I first picked up my first ‘e-cig’. Yes, I still like nicotine and yes, this addictive substance is delivered by electronic cigarettes, but I sure don’t miss the tar nor the smell!

Unfortunately, some companies increasingly seem to be taking the regrettable step of banning electronic cigarettes – perhaps as a potential fire hazard, or as they may be seen to aid in the promotion and normalization of smoking, or simply because office puritans are offended by them. Personally, I feel if you are allowed to drink a coffee at your desk, then you should be able to use your electronic cigarette. Is it not fantastic that local Maggie, aged 52, is not burning tobacco to get her enjoyable afternoon nicotine kick and Damian is not ‘missing-in-action’ while smoking a quickie at the building entrance?

Surely this new alternative should be promoted? There can’t be anything much more dangerous than cigarettes, is there? An estimated 5.5 trillion cigarettes being smoked on an annual basis globally suggests big bucks not only for the tobacco giants but also for governments in the form of cigarette taxes. Recently, I read that the UK Government will take in some £9 billion annual in tobacco taxes. To me, this suggests that tobacco companies and even governments are at risk of losing income by the continued popularization of electronic cigarettes. Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes to Europe some seven years ago, and even before then, the tobacco industry harnessed their huge influence, capital and connections in a continuing attempt to crush the ‘e-cig’ industry. They tried to prove without a shadow of a doubt that e-cigs are terrible, even worse than cigarettes! They failed to do so, and the industry, products, effectiveness and desirability of ‘e-cigs’ continues to grow as they are adopted by ever more smokers, including an estimated 650,000 in the UK in 2012 and some 1,000,000 by the end of 2013.

If you would like to try the most effective electronic cigarette in Gibraltar, then pop by the ICC ‘TC Kiosk’ and simply try one. If you have concerns or questions, we would recommend speaking to your doctor, carrying out your own research and talking with those actually using these products.
If not a ‘TC Electronic Cigarette’, at least ensure you are buying from a reputable source, as much of the regulation introduced by governing bodies has been geared towards closing down the charlatans in the industry reselling products from unreliable or unknown sources.

Total Electronic Cigarettes Ltd. was established in Gibraltar in 2009 with the following Mission: To promote and protect the interests of smokers that desire a cleaner alternative, by being the electronic cigarette of choice.

Thank you for your support over the past year and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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