Instructions and Maintenance

TC Instructions:  This section has been added and will be updated with instructional videos to lend assistance so that you may get the most out of your TC products and benefit from a comprehensive and growing instruction section. Please don’t hesitate to send us your questions and we will continue to update and improve them as required by you.





SECTION 1: TC BIGCIG electronic cigarette

Instructional Video for TC BigCig:  Remember there is a travel mode! Press button 5 times to unlock (within 2 seconds)!

Typical contents/description for normal use:

1. Rechargeable lithium ion 650mAh battery
2. Micro USB power charger
3. ‘Clearomizer Tank’ (tank) with removable mouth piece
4. Bottle of TC SuperJuice or other e-juice (e-liquid) which is the fuel that the TC BIGCIG converts to vapour clouds

Summary of content terms: 1. Battery 2. Charger 3. Tank system 4. SuperJuice (e-liquid)


Screw the battery into the usb charger gently

Plug the USB charger into a computer, media player, iPad, iPhone or similar device

The first charge should be for 3 hours.

Tips:  If you don’t have regular access to a computer, you may consider a travel adapter so you may plug your usb charger into this and then plug it into a wall socket.

Notes:  When the light on the USB charger is red, it is charging.  When this turns to green the battery is fully charged.  The battery will automatically stop charging when the light turns green so don’t worry if you leave it over night which is a common routine for many BigCig users.


There are only two parts:

Simply screw the tank (1.6ml) onto the fully charged battery.

Notes:  That was simple :)


1.  First remove the black mouth piece by gently unscrewing it and then pulling it out of the tank.

Note: in the center of the tank you will see a hole for ‘air’, not liquid.

2.  You will notice markings indicating various levels from 0.2ml to 1.6ml on the side of the tank.

Fill the tank to the 1.6ml marker, by holding it on a 45 degree angle and slowly running the TC SuperJuice down the inside of the tube.

Note: the TC SuperJuice bottles have a simple little narrow tip making it easier to fill.

3. Now simply insert the mouth piece and gently screw it into position.

Note:  we suggest leaving the liquid in the tank for a minute or two before first use to ensure the wicks (looks like string) become saturated.


Press the button on the battery and hold as you take a small draw on the mouthpiece…WOW!

Tip:  Slow, long and controlled draws produce the most vapour and enjoyment.  HUGE VAPOUR CLOUDS!

Important note:  Most TC BigCig batteries will have a travel mode which locks the battery and keeps it from activating should the button be accidentally or unknowingly pressed.   To activate or deactivate, simply press the button ‘5 times’ quickly (within 2 seconds) and enjoy as normal.  Most people will not lock the battery very often but useful if you place in your purse or for travel.


Your TC BIGCIG may have come with a cartomizer or purchased separately…but…what is a cartomizer?

In simple terms, it looks a like a TC BIGCIG tank but is solid black with a soft plastic tip. Like many two piece electronic cigarettes on the market, it is the replaceable part that contains the liquid and heating element(s) in one…although ours holds a whopping 3 ml and can last a month or more without considering a replacement. It can also be refilled (topped-up) may times over.

Filling the TC BIGCIG black cartomizer

Important: DO NOT USE (activate button), OR TRY BEFORE FILLING! It will simply burn the inside dry sponge and you will be left with a burnt taste until you replace it.

Fill for the first time with 2.5 ml of liquid (1/4 of a 10ml e-liquid bottle). You want to slowly fill the sponge type material that surrounds the center hole. The hole is for air, so try not to get liquid in it, not a biggie if you do. Thats the beauty of these products.

Simply remove the black mouth piece and hold on a 45 degree angle and slowly rotate while adding liquid watching it soak into the sponge material and then add more until saturated.

Please do this when the cartomizer is NOT attached to the battery as you are saturating the sponge inside with your favourite e-juice.
We recommend using a tissue as you will likely get a little leakage which indicates it is full and the sponge is ready to vapourize your e-juice!
You will likely benefit by blowing gently from the top of the cartomizer (where the mouth piece goes) to ensure the center hole is clear of any liquid. Dry it off, dry the threads, add the mouth piece and vape on!

Be sure to keep topping up the sponge periodically with a few drops so the sponge does not dry out. It may take 10 to 20 puffs before your cartomizer settles in and plumes of vapour clouds start keeping you both company.


Don’t be scared to mix flavours to find your favourite combination, or to simply change things up a bit by adding some menthol or fruit flavour.

TC BigCig clearomizer Tank: Try NOT to fill the center hole with liquid when filling, this is bad…but if you do, don’t worry, its not that bad and what is nice about the TC BIGCIG tank, is that it is simple! Just hold the TC BIGCIG tank vertically and blow any liquid out. It is best to hold over a tissue and then tap it to remove any liquid that might have gotten into the threaded section at the bottom of the tank. Done! Screw back onto the battery and enjoy!

When charging the TC BIGCIG battery, or an eGo or echo-e battery, it is best to use a little bit of tissue to clean the center of the threaded section on the battery to keep it clean and dry as well as ensure a good connection with the charger when screwed together. This is the basic maintenance required.

What strength of liquid should I use? Generally speaking, for most pack a day smokers, 1.8% (18mg) e-juice is a good initial choice, for heavier or ‘dedicated’ smokers, the 2.4% (24mg) e-juice is sure to give you a nice throat kick. For Cigar smokers, we have a range of 3.6% (36mg) e-liquid. For ultra light smokers, perhaps 1.1% (11mg) is a good initial selection. From experience, with a higher strength, you get the throat kick you want and for many, after 5, 10, 20 or 40 years of smoking…you now have the brilliant high-tech alternative. Big throat kick, no tar, BIG vapour production!

When you start using your TC BIGCIG full-time and cigarettes are thing of the past, you may consider one of our accessories or simply an extra battery and BIGCIG tank.

SECTION 2 – TC LIGHT Disposable electronic cigarette


TC Light disposable electronic cigarette
TC Light protective case with instructions

Instructions BASIC

Unwrap the top black sticker and remove the red bung

Slip out your TC Light which is ready to go with a fully charged battery and unique internal tank system

Simply use like a normal cigarette and enjoy

Tips and Tricks

Long slow draws produce the most vapour
When used in moderation, much like a flashlight, the battery life will be extended
The battery is only used when you take draws on the unit and will remain off automatically when not being used
Enjoy your stealth electronic cigarette
The blue light on the end was added upon requests from bar owners to identify there is no second-hand smoke produced and it is not a traditional cigarette


TC Flight II


The TC Flight II comes with complete instructions in both English and Spanish, for trouble shooting, please see the below section:

Trouble Shooting:

We have lots of customers over the years come to our sales office with ‘problems’ although in 90% of the cases it is something as simple as remembering to change your cartridge.   Here are a few things to try in order to identify, if and what the problem is.

This is typically what is done to confirm ‘if’ there is a problem.

Please note:  The flight II is composed of three parts:

  1. 1-Brown Cartridge, 2-Small atomizer (middle part), 3-The TC Flight II battery (longest part)

First check:

Is your TC Flight II working fine?

1. Remove the cartridge leaving the atomizer and battery screwed together.  Check:

Is there liquid in the cartridge?  Look into the center of it and give is a squeeze, or is it dry? Please change.

  1. Is there a piece of shiny tinfoil covering the tip of the heating element on the atomizer? Please remove gently with a pin.
  2. Are the threads between the battery and atomizer clean or has it been left for a long period without cleaning?  Please clean.

2. With the battery connected to the atomizer, blow gently through the ‘end (tip)’ of the battery.   Please don’t do this for too long.

  1. If you see a little bit of vapour coming from the end of the atomizer (heating element), your TCcig seems to be working fine.  Please just add a new cartridge and twist into place 360 degrees.  Slow long draws create the most vapour.
  2. If no vapour is produced, then lets check the battery and then the atomizer.
3. If the battery is not charged, there be no vapour created in your first check. (above)
  1. To test the battery, the simplest way is to pop on your cartridge and take a slow draw.
  2. i.     If the light on the end of the battery is blinking green then the battery has no charge, then ii.

ii.     Please charge the battery by screwing it into the usb charger and plugging this into your computer, a media player or printer usb.   The red light on the end of the battery will turn red when the battery is charging.  If it does not turn red then:

  1. Try unscrewing the battery from the micro usb charger and then ‘slowly’ screw it ‘back in’ while the usb is still plugged into a power source.  When the light on the end of battery turns red, please leave to charge.
  2. If it doesn’t turn red, please check there is a good connection between the battery and the usb charger and try again.  Rarely do we see problems with our batteries or usb chargers.
  3. Try an alternative usb source and ensure the computer or power source is ‘on’.
  4. If the battery blinks green when you draw on it, although does not turn red after the above steps, there may be a problem with the usb or battery, these should be sent to us so that we may test and replace if required.
  5. 4. If you have been able to charge your battery, then please go back to step No. 2 to see if the atomizer is working with the charged battery.  If the battery and charger seem to be working fine, then there is a good possibility that the atomizer needs to be replaced.

Please be aware that the atomizers are consumable items and will periodically need to be replacedAlso be aware, if you are a heavy smoker, a larger TC product such as the TC BigCig may be more suitable with 5 times the battery life and heavy duty tank/atomizer system.

We hope the above has been useful and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have been able to identify the problem that you may have experienced and we will do our best to keep you as a happy customer free from tobacco cigarettes. – assistance