Decadent Vapours – American Red

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Decadent Vapours' American Red flavour remains one of DV's most popular of all time. Available in three strangths - Light (1.1), Regular(1.8) and Strong (2.4).

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Light - Ultra light smokers
Recommended to ultra light smokers or those looking for a mellow vape without a big throat kick (1.1% nic (11mg))

Regular - Pack a day smokers
Recommended to pack a day smokers looking for a nice vape (1.8% nic (18mg))

Strong - Heavy smokers
Recommended to heavy smokers or those who want a solid throat kick, or as a back up heavy hitting e-juice when out and about with your pints...we mean friends (2.4% nic (24mg))

Brewed in the UK with European sourcing and offered by popular demand. DV (Decadent Vapours), a UK manufacturer, offer some fine liquid, with a hint of perhaps vanilla in this popular Tobacco flavour.