TC SuperJuice – Tobacco

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Tobacco flavour e-juice, available in Strong (2.4), Regular (1.8), Light (1.1), Ultra Light (0.6) and Zero (0.0) strengths.

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TC SuperJuice Tobacco flavour recently launched has quickly become one of our most popular tobacco flavours as we carry a large vaied supply in our Gibraltar shop, many of which will start being introduced on Regular strength which is 2.4% nic commonly referred to as 24mg is suitable for those looking for a solid alternative to their 30 or 40 cigarettes and perhaps not ideal for the Ultra light smokers. It is a great start for many and perhaps later will choice between (or mix) their regular and light TC SuperJuice e-liquid. Bang! Yes, it is the next level product for those looking for more and perhaps already enjoy an alternative to cigarettes...but want more!