iTaste VV Starter Set

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The iTaste VV Starter Set is a fantastic, compact variable voltage Electronic Cigarette kit, which magically suggests the optimum voltage for whatever atomizer, cartomizer you connect to it!  But wait, that's not where the wizardry ends...

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Price: £29.99

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Not only does it do that, it will even tell you how many puffs you've had, so if you're one of those people who sit watching Midsomer Murders with your e-cig constantly fighting your wine glass for a place down your throat, this can keep you in check quite nicely. A bit like counting the number of wine corks in your fruit bowl each week!

The iTaste VV can even identify Ohms, whatever they are! Apparently they're a bit like UFOs but not quite so menacing.

Features in nutshell:

Puff counter
Built in 800mAh polymer Li-ion intelligent rechargeable battery
Voltage recommendation, will identify ohm and provide best operating voltage
Voltage adjust from 3.3v-5.0v and 0.1v increments
3 button activation switch, with battery indicator
Pass-through function, use while you charge

Included in the starter set:

1 x iTasteVV 800mAh Polymer Li-ion Intelligent Rechargeable Battery
1 x USB Retractable Cable
1 x Instruction Manual