TC Light Disposable

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One word: Simples! Okay you probably deserve a bit more than that - this is a fabulous Disposable Electronic Cigarette, perfect if you just want to give e-cigs a trial run without spending much money.

Price: £4.99

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TC disposable

'New' - The TC cig disposable electronic cigarette is simply one of the most convenient electronic cigarettes available. Slick in design, slim and simple.

The TC Light electronic cigarette comes with a fully charged battery, high-tech auto functionality and is ready-to-go. We have included a blue light so it is not confused with a traditional cigarette in bars or restaurants and is a slim one piece design which is more comfortable than larger wider batteries. It has an auto trigger functionality so the battery is only turned on and only consumed when you take a draw on the end, much like a traditional cigarette.

The cartomizer design is quite different to the majority on the market with a clean tank system rather than a simple sponge with a heating element embedded in the center that may dry without consistency leaving dry and wet areas affecting performance. The ample 220 mAh battery is designed to last for 250 puffs and effectively use the pure liquid in the internal tank. It won't turn on if packed in your luggage or carried in your pocket like some exceptionally twitchy products on the market. Just puff and go; no buttons, no chargers, no cartridges, no problems.

Another feature of the TC disposable is we have kept with a one piece unit free from paper wrapped mouth pieces. These generally make for a good marketing photo although absorb moisture making them quite unsightly and difficult to clean properly.

Sold only in a popular rich tobacco flavour with enough nicotine (2.4% 'nic) to give you the kick you crave when out and about, or simply at that dinner party or social outing.

A great choice for your first e-cig. Just so simple!

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us or post it on our facebook page so that our answer may benefit others that are likely curious of the same thing.