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The TC BigCig is a premium product which is very much the future of electronic cigarettes. Move to the next level product and enjoy more vapour for longer. Available in Black or Chrome. Click here for: Comprehensive instructions.

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Price: £10.00

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The TC BigCig is simply a great product. A better choice than any little cigarettes simply due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the cartomizers and clear tanks that marry with this product. The battery of the TC BigCig battery is different to many similar ones on the market as it doesn't function at a single voltage and drains from 4.2 volts providing that extra kick we know you love.

We would recommend this product to any moderate to heavy smoker as the overly capable 650 mAh battery will last most a whole day with a simple routine of charging at night. This quality lithium ion rechargeable battery carries 2 to 5 times more power than pretty little ones allowing you MORE enjoyment, less hassle. Bigger IS Better!

The TC BigCig tank that comes with this unit is empty and will require filling. There is no leaking and no burning flavour which is commonly discussed in forums surrounding the Ego, Ego-T and Ego-C which also use a tank, but which are gravity fed into the heating element resulting in pockets of air. The tank carries 1.6ml of liquid which can be 'topped-up' much like with your petrol tank in your car. You wouldn't consider running out of petrol every time and replacing the tank so the car runs properly again? Simple and amazingly effective.


1 TC BigCig mega 650 mAh battery with an activation button
1 TC BigCig tank - recommendation 1 per month for heavy users
1 micro usb charger
1 Heavy duty impact resistant TCcigs case with internal pockets

It is simply a brilliant electronic cigarette to use which has allowed us to witness 40 year smokers, cigar smokers and even pipe smokers make a clean transition to vaping overnight with ease and with a smile.