So what is nicotine? and what is in a cigarette?

So what is nicotine and is it as bad as many people think?

Nicotine is a natural alkaloid much like caffeine and morphine; a stimulant and it is not a carcinogen.

Nicotine Molecule

So what is nicotine?

Having spoken with literally hundreds of customers face to face over the years, many are extremely concerned regarding the level of nicotine with the purchase of their first electronic cigarette; typically it is the non-smoking partners with the most concern.  The goal at TCcigs (Total Electronic Cigarettes Ltd.) is simply to offer a ‘real’ alternative for smokers; a product that is both enjoyable for smokers allowing them to get ‘the kick’ (thats the nicotine!) that they want but without burning tobacco which creates reported some 5300 known toxins and poisons along with tar and carbon monoxide.

”Smoking increases the risk of cancer in almost every organ and tissue of the body, but especially cancer of the lung, throat and stomach. Heart disease, stroke and serious lung disorders…” 1.

With an ultra low nicotine alternative, the cravings and enjoyment are quite minimal, very much like being given an ultra light cigarette when you are used to Marlboro Reds.   Many ‘smokers’ will relate to this comment which is why we help to inform and guide new and existing TCcig electronic cigarettes to a product that is both suitable and enjoyable providing them with a simple and easy alternative to cigarettes which for many is a habit of a lifetime…although it doesn’t need to be.

Quitting cigarettes is one thing and finding a quality and simple smoking alternative is very much another.

To read the BBC article ‘NICOTINE’ and learn much more, please click on the link below:




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