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TCcigs electronic cigarettes

You can always count on The Guardian to inject some common sense into the British press – this article about electronic cigarettes published on the 4th June is an interesting read. Highlights: “E-cigarettes are probably about as safe as drinking coffee.” “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world,” said Mark Twain. “I know because I’ve Continue Reading

Crown Casino, Melbourne - TCcigs Electronic Cigarettes

13 years later, it was time to take on the Casio; a free night in Melbourne led me to the grand entrance of the Crown Casio with  the flame jets sparking almost like it was timed for my arrival. Impressive and inviting was the walk in with soothing music playing, flames jetting out of the Continue Reading

Electronic Cigarettes - Saviour Or Menace

Electronic Cigarettes – Menace or Saviour?

Some people just can’t believe they are a Good Thing Electronic cigarettes are misunderstood by many smokers, fueled by misconceptions and propaganda. Dismissed by puritans, who don’t understand substituting one addiction for another and barred by powerful who decide where, how and when people may use these new, strange-looking, vapour-producing pipes. Personally, as a reformed Continue Reading