Are you one of our many Happy Vapers? Did you know that more than 2 Million cigarettes (and counting) have remained sitting on the shelves due to TCcigs products? Hundreds of you have managed to give up smoking because of TCcigs’ products.

And we’re absolutely delighted about that. To go home at night and think that we’re actually managing to improve people’s lives is a wonderful feeling – and indirectly, of course, it’s very probably that some lives will be saved. Yeah, not just by us – of course not – but by Electronic Cigarettes in general.

We’re not naïve enough to think that we’re the only people out there selling good quality e-cigs out there, and so we thank you – yes YOU – for choosing TCcigs as your preferred supplier. You’re brilliant! There are good ones and bad ones around and we’re really trying to be the best – the Rolls Royce of e-cigs.

The only one little grumble we *might* have is that you guys are so great at telling how much you enjoy our products but not-so-great at putting your poetry into words. Our testimonial section looks a little bit like Mother Hubbard’s cupboard at the moment.

If you think we’re great, tell us! And by the same token, if we’re ever below-par, we’d also like to know. Because it’ll help us get better.

If you’ve got a minute to spare and you’ve found our electronic cigarette products useful in any way, be nice and write it in the little boxes below.

Thank you – you ROCK!

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You have a great product you’re selling and it’s leaps and bounds above the rest that I’ve found
Hey Mark,

I was recently working on a cruise ship sailing through the Mediterranean and we stopped in Gibraltar. My friend and I went adventuring through the city and found your product there. He bought one, and honestly I was slightly hesitant myself so I waited to try his. We left that night, but after trying a TC Cig I was pretty hooked! You have a great product you’re selling and it’s leaps and bounds above the rest that I’ve found.

After our stop there we searched all over Europe trying to find more, and even asked people here in the states, however your product seems to only be available to us online. Thank you for everything, your product, customer service and everything else, and I appreciate the extra gifts as well!

Thanks and have a great day,

Thank you for helping me to stop smoking

It’s been two years now since I discovered the TC style of electronic cigarettes, and the vaping world, not to mention a healthier life. I no longer have any interest in normal cigs and since I’ve been vaping I can go days without vaping and not crave it like I used to with normal cigarettes.

Also I don’t feel bad vaping like I used to with smokes and being in Australia the money I have saved would be in the thousands not to mention the places I can vape in Australia where you can’t smoke.

Anyway thanks for helping me to enjoy the what I think is the best use of nicotine keep up the good work TC.

From your loyal Aussie vaper,

Jason Thomson
Sydney, Australia

Thank you for giving me a better quality of life

My name is Marina Elena, I am fifty-nine years old, I have been smoking since when I was extremely young, Lately for many years I used to smoke three packats daily. I was out of breath up steps, used to snore sleeping, all day coughing etc… Nothing of that happens now, I smoke TC cigarettes for five months and I am very happy.

Thank you TC Cigarettes for giving me a better quality of life.

Maria Elena

This product is revolutionary

I LOVE my TC Cig! Within the first day of purchasing it, I found myself actively wanting to choose it over smoking a normal cigarette. The sensation is just the same, if not better, and you definitely feel better for having it. One of the most exciting things for me is the amount of TC Superjuice flavours to choose from! My favourites right now are Vanilla and Cinammon – what’s more is the water vapour smells great and then just dissolves in the air, unlike normal cigarette smoke. The Superjuice bottles also last for many days so in comparison to buying cigarettes, it saves a small fortune :)

I also want to mention the fantastic service when purchasing online! Fast despatch, fast delivery and wonderful customer service from the TC team – a 10/10 shopping experience!

Thanks guys!

Julia Grant, Gibraltar

The BigCig has changed my life!

I was a thirty to forty a day smoker for just under thirty years. I hadn’t gone a day without a cigarette in that time and didn’t believe I would ever be able to give up. The BigCig has changed my life! It gives a great hit and has easily replaced normal cigarettes for me and I haven’t looked back!

I use the flavours with nicotine but am slowly moving to the reduced strength. I love the range of flavours (hooked on cherry and menthol mix) and the fact that I can vape anywhere! The service and products have been excellent. This e-cigarette has quite literally changed my life and I believe if I can do it – so can you!

Barbara Lodge

By far the best £40 I ever spent!

Seven months without smoking and still going strong! By far the best £40 I ever spent!


Shaun Garcia, Gibraltar