The Electronic Cigarette Revolution

Power to the people!

A few years ago most people had never heard of an electronic cigarette, or e-cig. Now they’re so ubiquitous that even your granny knows what they are. Electronic cigarette use is on the rise and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. And why should it?

When ecigs first became available the initial cost sent most people running in the opposite direction. No one knew what they were or how great they would be, so why would they want to invest so much of their hard earned cash into something that was likely to be a disappointment?  Everyone’s suspicious of buying the next betamax video, and other attempts to recreate the smoking ‘buzz’ failed miserably (like those awful chewing gums that guaranteed to make you pull a face as if you’d just shat yourself at a dinner party, or the inhalable tampons that budget airlines started to sell to prize a few more pounds out of your pocket).

The great surprise was they weren’t a disappointment, in-fact they’ve become an emphatic success!  What’s even better is that the technology has improved greatly since the first ones came out and the price has started to fall, so more and more consumers were drawn to the savings that can me made. It became worth the small investment price to give them a try.

The freedom that electronic cigarettes give to a smoker is up there with that bungee-jumping, sky-diving, white-water-rafting girl from the tampon advert. It’s like having that electronic tagging device removed from your ankle. No longer do smokers need to be rationed to two cigarette breaks during their working day (you can easliy have a quick vape in in the loo on your pee-break) or stand in the freezing cold and rain of pub entrance. The skepticism that surrounded them has grown smaller with each passing year. More smokers make the switch to the modern marvel that is the electronic cigarette every day.

Another likely reason for the increase of electronic cigarette use is savings. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is around €4 in Spain, and a massive £7 in the UK (thanks George!).  It doesn’t take that lady from Murder-She-Wrote to work out that for a UK smoker smoking one pack a day, that’s a massive  £2,555 a year saving. Check out Autotrader and see what car you could buy for that: A quick search has revealed a 3-year-old Toyota Yaris with only 28K on the clock. Bet you wouldn’t mind one of those EVERY YEAR, would you?!

The variety of e-liquid flavors is another attraction that is offered by electronic cigarettes. You have more options than the simple menthol and non-menthol that traditional cigarettes offer. With flavors ranging from your favorite cola drinks to fruit to clove cigarette flavors the options are virtually limitless. The available flavors are sure to increase even greater the more popular the electronic cigarette becomes.

What’s not to love about the electronic cigarette?  The variety?  The freedom to smoke virtually anywhere you choose?  Or how about the incredible savings?  It’s even pretty cool nowadays too!

It’s no wonder why so many people are making the switch. The list of advantages over traditional cigarettes is longer than Don Juan DeMarco’s  private parts. And like his rivals, old-school cigarettes just cannot compete.

What is stopping you from making that switch?  If you’re the type that still wears flairs, listens to music on cassettes and plays computer games on a Commodore 64, here’s a piece of advice:



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