That’s right, we’ve moved!

Total Electronic Cigarettes has Rebranded to TCcigsYou probably find yourself in unfamiliar territory right now, puzzled, confused. You may even think that your computer has been hijacked. Well don’t worry, this time it’s not the booze or those mushrooms you ate last night – it really is US!

We’ve had the painters in!

Yes, is now here, at Geddit?  …the TC thing?  It’s still us – Total Electronic Cigarettes Ltd – and the same dedicated team selling the same top quality electronic cigarette products. We’ve just decided to freshen up a little.  It’s not like we’ve had a full body transplant or anything, it’s more of a boob job really, and it feels great!

We hope you like the site – we’ve made a number of improvements and hopefully you’ll find it easier to use than the last one. Yes it’s a bit fancier and all that but the main purpose of this move is to make it easier for you to continue to purchase the best electronic cigarettes and smoking / vaping equipment available so if that’s not the case please tell us now.

We’d love to hear your feedback, even the not-so-nice stuff and we promise not to cry! Contact Us here to let us know what you like / dislike most. And if there’s any little gimic you’d like to see added in the future let us know and we’ll see what we can do. (as long as it doesn’t cost a gozillion pounds or anything). Enjoy!