Vaping Days: Vaping and unfinished business with the Crown Casio, Melbourne.

Crown Casino, Melbourne - TCcigs Electronic Cigarettes

13 years later, it was time to take on the Casio; a free night in Melbourne led me to the grand entrance of the Crown Casio with  the flame jets sparking almost like it was timed for my arrival.

Impressive and inviting was the walk in with soothing music playing, flames jetting out of the columns and a flurry of activity as locals hit the river side bars as they would enjoy the following day with a late start due to the public holiday (ANZAC Day).

Greeted by two rather large security guards upon entry to the gaming area, I as what is the policy for electronic cigarettes in the Casino.  I then extend a brief description of the product being reminded of answers I would receive 4 years ago in the UK.  They have little knowledge of the product and I wander in with no answer.

I forget the size of the Crown Casio, perhaps used to that of the Gibraltar Casio.  It is simply massive in comparison with multiple levels and perhaps thousands of machines.  I search for a Blackjack table that catches my attention and quickly realize times have changed.  ‘’Traditional Classic Blackjack’’’ has been replaced with a hybrid versions called Blackjack plus and Crown Blackjack.  I find a slow paced table with only one chilled out player and take a seat after a few minutes of study.  I place my beer and TC BigCig with red tank filled with Vanilla 18mg on the table.  Again, after a few queries regarding ‘pure pairs’ and ‘BlackPot’. I ask about e-cig use in the casino.  The croupier  is much more knowledgeable than security and I required double confirmation that they should not be used in the casino and should only be used ‘outside in the smoking sections’.  WHAT?!  Darn, something we take for granted in the Gala Casio Gibraltar should be very much appreciated.

I settle in and learn the game as it is the same as BlackJack but with a few quirky additions and I quickly challenge the croupier when I double down with $40 on the table pulling a 6 to make 17 and the house pulls a total of 22.  BUST ?, but I am not paid.  In this version, it appears when the house busts with a 22, it is simply a push…Shouldn’t the game be called 22, not 21?

After a few hours of various plays a few vapes in the boys room, drinks and a solid wander through the totality of the playing areas, it is time to head back to the hotel and plan my revenge, hopefully not 13 years later again.

Who knew the game I enjoyed would change to a mutant version which sucks the life out of its players.  From my knowledge, if ‘traditional, classic blackjack’ is played according to textbook rules, it is (was) the game with the closest odds for the player and now I expect the odds are simply a tiny bit more in favour of the casino.

Heading back to the hotel, I enjoy vaping in my own time ending the night with a pint joining the ANZAC celebrations in the lounge and vape in my room before sleep.

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