Vaping Days: Australia, here I come

Australia No Electronic Cigarettes Road Sign

Australia, here I come.  Knowing the country is not e-cig friendly, I was contemplating sending a 10 day supply ahead to ensure I would not be without my alternative.    I always go on trips or even a big night out with a second battery and spare tank, why take the risk?

With work consuming my time and thoughts, my packing was done within an hour of leaving for the airport.  In the past I have typically done the same although go through a list of needs and items that must be packed extending from the core:  Passport, tickets, money…and usually drivers licence.

I drove from Gibraltar to Malaga to fly to Barcelona for the night and head out the following morning with my cousin to Melbourne via Singapore.

Having left things a tad late, I hit the highway and realized I had left my e-Vic and eVod electronic cigarette sitting on the table.  Gutted!  Luckily I have 2 black and 1 silver 650 TC batteries and a 1100 mAh designer battery and a wack of tanks to keep me going.  I quite like the e-vic for simple reasons.  It uses a little charger that is usb compatible and has a battery power display which allows me to time it’s use until I need with few surprises.  The added feature of variable voltage, variable wattage are also useful for a solid kick when you need one.

Three tolls later and 1.5 hours gone, I park my bike and get a shuttle to the airport…after setting up my black TC battery with red TC tank settled around my neck.   Hmmmm, a relaxing and welcomed experience.

2 hours early for the flight, I check in a bag with my suit, a plethora of bottles of liquid and chargers and head to security.   In Spain, from my experience, although selling nicotine based liquid appears illegal, the use of electronic cigarettes appears very welcomed.  I take a few puffs, store my batteries and tanks separately take my TC BigCig off my neck and place in my jacket pocket.  A sole bottle of liquid remains which I place with my computer, kindle and belt with my jacket covering them.  The second bin holds my backpack.

No problem which has always been the case.  I tend not to promote having electronic cigarettes when going through security simply because there is no need and no benefit.  Having said this, some 4 years ago, I would always speak to all parties in the various airports I was in, simply to find out what the ‘official policy’ was.  They were so new and unknown back then that I found I would get very different and wet answers.  It wasn’t until I was in Gatwick and spoke with customs while leaving the baggage area having arrived in the UK that he took me to 5 scary and well informed security men with big semi-automatic (my assumption) rifles strapped across their chests.  Right…if anyone needs to be informed, it will be these guys…and I was right.   I was told by the head man that he was aware of the product and that the smoking ban applied to the combustion of tobacco and the creation of second-hand smoke.  Because electronic cigarettes do not burn or contain tobacco nor create smoke, the smoking ban does not apply.  As electronic cigarettes only vapourise a simple solution and produce a vapour, YES, they can be used in Gatwick airport.   Finally, I had my answer and due to the size of the guns and the statue of the individuals, it was a definitive answer.

On the Vueling flight, I did not hear them specifically mention electronic cigarette use, I chose to use mine although by no means would I promote that I was using it, just getting my kick when I wanted one.  Generally speaking, and having vaped on many flights legally, it is now frowned upon, largely due to the fact the sight of what looks like smoke may upset and confuse other people on the flight.    Although off topic slightly, Ryan air do not sell electronic cigarettes, they sell a product called ‘similar’ which is a simple waste of money comprised of 6 or so cigarette sized swabs containing a nicotine flavour which you suck on and wonder what the purpose is.  Not an electronic cigarette, I say this twice as I hear almost daily that Ryan air sells them.

Anyway, I arrived in Barcelona puffed my way through a 20 min taxi and caught up with my cousin and his family for the night.  Success and only down one electronic cigarette due to personal negligence.   Tomorrow, we embark for Australia!

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