Vaping Days: The Aquarium

Another sunny April day in Australia meets me as I pull the curtains and feel the weight of a slight headache setting in.  I am up too early, or did I drink one too many mini casino pints (AUS 7.50)?  I expect it is a combination of things, so I rest and vape on my e-cig for 20 minutes and take a shower before a simple breakfast and a wander before meeting my Auntie at Flinders Street Station (at the top of the stairs under the clocks) at noon.

What to do?  Perhaps have a final bout with the Casino?  Well, having had a chat with a German lady regarding her plans to head to the Melbourne Aquarium to swim with the sharks, it must have been the spark that led me there.  Yes, the Melbourne Aquarium it is.  35 Aussie dollars later, I am amazed by my childish type joy while staring at Penguins standing in the snow at the entrance of the walk through the Melbourne Aquarium.  Fantastic!  There is even a big pool with a side of glass showing them zooming around, jumping out and then diving back in.  Pretty cool, and these penguins are much bigger than I expect, we stare at each other sharing a moment like ‘shark’ experience detailed by Leonardo in ‘the beach’.

Well perhaps not, but pretty interesting.  I move forward as I was told the ‘feeding of the sharks’ was cool located in the ‘fish bowl’ at 11:00am.  I wander through slightly entranced at times due to the fascination of certain fish…are seahorses fish?

In a room, surrounded by manta rays, 3m sharks, a massive grouper fish, sword fish and hundreds of others, the lady gets all of us children to sit on the floor to make room before the divers enter the water…there they are, and I will admit grinning like a 6 year old who just given a pizza sized cookie.  Pretty neat in my opinion and perhaps even worth the money.  A few fishies I had never seen before, and it captured my imagination when they are inches away from my face. Right, 11:30 and time to go.

I wander along the riverside, entranced by the city which I am told is now one of the top 10 most expensive places to live; at 9.60 AUS a pint (proper pint), I tend to believe this.  In fact I found drinks cheaper to buy in Gibraltar in O’Reilly’s, than in a bottle shop in Melbourne.  Yes, a bottle shop (the beer store).

I am 15 minutes early and enter a specialist tobacconist store located near the Flinders Street Station and ask if they have any electronic cigarettes, curious to see the response…and they do!  Not a big selection, but a few types of disposable units are priced at some 12 Aussie dollars and a ego set with a clearomizer tank and a cartomizer priced at 120 dollars.  Interesting to see a clearomizer included in the box set.  These are supplied from a company in New Zealand where it is possible to order nicotine liquids as only zero levels of  e-juice are legally allowed to be sold.  Much like Spain, although the liquid is sold illegally with nicotine, sourced and imported illegally.

We speak briefly and we share details discussing margins and their history of sales.

Right, a 4.50 AUS coffee later and I am under the clocks at exactly 12 noon.  My family is surprisingly late, although I take in the parade which is happening directly in front and people watch as the area is jammed with people.

I realize I have not seen anyone with an electronic cigarette and I expect they would be much much more appealing if the Government allowed the sale of nicotine e-juice. A recent article I read possibly by the BBC quoted that some 5,700,000 lives in the UK could be saved if all smokers switched to the digital version of cigarettes (e-cigs).

According to the ‘Harold Sun’ newspaper, dated today (April 24th, 2013) (,  a pack of 20 cigarettes is 15.72 dollars (only 7.49 5 years ago), wow, smokers who switch would save some 90% by making the simple switch to what I feel to be a much much more enjoyable product. An Electronic Cigarette.

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