Vaping Days: The long flight

7 hours sleep, a taxi waiting and perhaps a slight hangover, a taxi awaits 7 floors down, in the center of Barcelona waiting for my cousin and I.

Bags still packed, a change of socks and I am off, no coffee, partial vape and no breakfast.

In Barcelona airport, we check our bags in, which I normally never have although with a suit and dress shoes it makes a carry-on bag near impossible.   I charged my 1100 mAh battery  overnight in preparation for the 12 hour flight from Barcelona to Singapore.  I bring one bottle of high strength watermelon e-juice which is a bit higher than I normally use, but will give me the kick in half the time ?.

A nice airport and we sit down for a much deserved coffee and €5.80 basic baguette.  I openly use my alternative cigarette and relax before buying some overpriced edible Spanish pressies and head to the departure gate.  My cousin makes me question my right to use my e-cig in Barcelona airport and in part just to confirm, I go to the information desk and ask in Spanish their policy in the airport regarding the use of electronic cigarettes.  It is clear they now know of the product well and the answer is simple.  Yes, you may. Thank you…and vape ?.

We board the airport and I will say, it has been a while since I have been on a Singapore airline flight and memories were correct.  Professional and quick to serve every customer with a warm cloth like I am used to after a nice Indian meal.  Nice.  I stow my carry-on bag by my feet simply as I know I will likely want to use my computer or read my kindle…little did I know after an hour chat with my cousin, I settle into 5 movies while consuming multiple glasses of water, enjoying a few cans of Tiger beer and multiple meals and snacks.  Great service and I will admit, and it was odd not seeing a price located beside the menu which I have become accustomed to with the short haul budget airlines.  The leg room was much improved as well and I enjoy and welcomed the red apple that was provide 3 hours into the flight.

Again when we took off, I did not hear mention of electronic cigarette use, only a repeat that smoking was not permitted.  I personally take this as a get out of jail free card.  It wasn’t mentioned and as far as I am concerned, if I am not offending, upsetting or bothering anyone, I am quite happy to enjoy my TC BigCig alternative cigarette.  I mean, it is a 12 hour flight, YES, I will want a vape!!

The flight was comfortable, very well serviced and completely brain numbing as I consumed some 2 months’ worth of movies in a single gluttonous session.  I can’t even recall the movies that I saw although remember Bernie was a trial of my efforts to watch through.   Why I even started it, I don’t recall.

I was in an aisle seat sitting beside a lady from Australia who was laid back and friendly with a spare seat beside us.  Having spoken to the lady, I quickly realized she would be unlikely to object or worry if she saw me puff away.  I typically feel more comfortable pending on my location, for example, I simply don’t enjoy puffing away in a middle seat.  Although most of the time, I will take slow long draws and basically do a body inhale where I simply keep the vapour in my lungs so when I exhale there is little to no vapour visible.  Again, while the lights are off in the plane, I palm the whole battery so the light isn’t visible when I take draws and people are curious why there is a nice smell of watermelon and vanilla in the air.  Yes, I took a TC Vanilla medium strength and a DK watermelon e-juice on this flight.  Same process as the last flight, simply keep my main unit in my jacket, and leave the e-juice with computer and pocket items.  When I want a bigger ‘taste’ with one or two puffs, I tend to take a slow long draw, close my mouth and swallow and exhale through my nose, or take a long in inhale producing little vapour on the exhale.  ‘Swallowing’ the vapour allows for quite a bit of taste and fresh inhales bring the flavor to life.

The 12 hour flight was surprisingly quick and only slightly uncomfortable which simply resulted in a few walks around the isles and a splash of water on my face.

A quick smooth landing and…Singapore…woohoo.  5am local time and some 11pm home time.  I felt tired, a bit disorientated, perhaps due to the quick change in air pressure and keen to see more of this surprisingly inviting and modern airport.  Well we had 5 hours to spare, so we first went to the butterfly garden although they were all asleep and visited again before our flight when it was light and the hundreds of butterflies ‘glided’ and fluttered around providing all visitors with a sense of peace and enjoyment.

We also went to the sunflower garden and cactus roof garden which is perhaps one of the nicest ‘smoking sections’ I have seen before.  Sadly the swimming pool was closed but we managed a great spicy Wanton and chicken noodle soup and a Leo beer (Thai) before exploring more of the airport.

When I approached the information desk at 7 am local time to ask if I may use electronic cigarettes in the airport, he made a few comments, obviously having been exposed to them, but had to make a phone call to inform me of their official policy.  This sadly came back, that in simple terms they can be used as if they were cigarettes, and thus only in the ample smoking sections throughout the airport.

Disappointing to hear, but good to know, so I kept the use of mine low-key and readied myself for the final 8 hour Singapore flight to Melbourne.  It was now some 4 am home time, and I was getting quite tired.  Perhaps an 8 hour sleep would do me well, or as we arrive at 7:40pm and tough it out until a well-deserved sleep.  We chose this one…ouch, and I drifted a few times and fell into a deep sleep just before landing, only waking to see people exiting the isles.

We arrived ?.  Woop and double woop.

While waiting for our luggage I asked the local Australian lady at the baggage checkout and it was a reminder of my first enquiries, years early.  She wasn’t sure and suggested that I don’t vape in that area.  I wasn’t policy although it was an answer I appreciated as I was keen, having arrived in Australia, not to create problems for myself and lose my supply of e-juice and accessories in my bag, soon to pop out onto the conveyor belt.

And here we are, Family Williams hanging out in Australia after some 12 years, a very welcomed visit, although sadly a bit too brief.

Hugs, car ride, meal, chat and… glorious sleep.


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