Vaping Days: Prologue

At TCcigs we use electronic cigarettes daily as a simple and enjoyable alternative to cigarettes. Having established this company back in 2009, it has been great to see the industry mature and the technology advance while also seeing a standard ‘format’ which allows multiple products to be combined and function well.

Over the years as technology has changed and products advanced, we have continued to offer what we feel are the best products; today with a core focus on the TC BigCig. Sadly the old 510, 901, 801, cartomizer, cartridge type units are simply obsolete compared to performance of newer systems in our opinion, especially for pack a day plus smokers.

We have worked and work with multiple manufacturers to ensure what we offer is the best available, not just one manufacturer which limits and guides all new products that they may be able to offer. Also noting, as seasoned vaper’s would be able to attest to, the ‘latest and greatest’ offerings by most companies typically come with a plethora of problems which tend to be improved or removed with the second generation. Again, that is only if they are popular enough, or innovative enough to get there. We try to remove the risk and do the research, so you don’t have to.

The TC BigCig is a great product which has seen thousands of new TC users relying on it as their prime alternative to traditional cigarettes. We also offer, again, what we feel and know are excellent accessories from key manufacturers. We quickly learn which become popular from our customers and focus more on these.

Although we have very much become a boutique electronic cigarette specialist in Gibraltar, we focus on what works well, what is simple and what people want. Niche products and advanced user products are not overly important to us as personally I now enjoy ‘simple, effective and exceptional’. I don’t enjoy carrying a tissue when I need to change tanks, or refill the system I am using. Again, this seems to be central to the vast majority of our customers/friends.

Our offerings in Gibraltar are quite vast and a focus to increase those available online is being increased, bundled in unique ways to ensure customers have what they need without having to purchase more items that they weren’t aware of to make them work and extend the life of their products.

In Gibraltar, we always welcome people to try our products and always welcome questions and provide advice based on our past 4 years of experience.

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